Professional speaker - STX800 Speaker - STX825 Speaker

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    STX series professional speaker
    STX825 dual 15 inch loudspeaker
    STX825 15 inches speaker box
    STX825 sound system
    STX825 pro audio speaker inside photo
    STX825 woofer photo
    STX825 loudspeaker back panel
    STX825 CNC-machined cabinet
    STX825 HF driver 2.5 inch
    STX825 tweeter speaker unit
    STX825 LF woofer
    STX825 LF speaker driver
    STX825 loudspeaker
    STX825 speaker for outdoor performance
    STX825 Speaker
    VERA36/STX825/STX828S big sound system
    African client live show feedback about our speaker
    STX825 speaker in flight case
    STX825 speaker video

    Our America buyer ordered our STX825 outdoor 15 inch speaker box in December 2015, and he really liked the STX825 dual 15 inch speaker box.

    Not every factory can offer good quality dual 15 inch subwoofer as promised except SKytone Audio.