Wireless microphone - wireless microphone - SLX2 wireless microphone system

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    SLX wireless microphone
    SLX4 cordless microphone reciver
    SLX24/BETA58A cordless mic
    SLX14/WL93 clip wireless mic
    SLX14/WH93 headset wireless microphone
    SLX cordless mic

    1. Sep. 2nd,2015, Indonesia client praised SLX24/BETA58 microphone "GREEAAATTT".

    2. Oct.3rd,2016, Singapore client praised SLX24/SM58 microphone "have better sound".

    3.  Oct.25, 2016, Spain client said "I'm very satisfied with the quality of the microphone".

     He ordered SLX24/BETA58 with lavalier and headset all set.