Professional speaker - SRX700 Speaker - SRX718S single 18 inch subwoofer

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    SRX718 single 18 inch subwoofer
    SRX718 subwoofer front photo
    SRX718 bass bin side photo
    SRX718 neodymium sub back panel
    SRX718 subwoofer handle
    SRX718 subwoofer M20 pole socket
    SRX718 subwoofer AA quality neodymium speaker
    SRX718 neo raw speaker
    SRX718 differential drive speaker terminals
    SRX718 dual voice coil spider
    SRX718 subwoofer A + quality ferrite magnet speaker
    SRX718 super ferrite speaker
    SRX712 +SRX718S standing via pole stand
    SRX718 M20 pole socket for standing SRX712M
    SRX718 subwoofer
    SRX718 subwoofer

    Customer's feed back of our SRX718S 18" speaker.

    The Russia customer bought our SRX712M and SRX715 passive top pro speaker and happy with the good quality.

    This India client also like our SRX series pa system speaker and keep making business with us frequently.

    Only the subwoofer box quality met customers' requirements, then they will believe and cooperate with us.