Driver/Raw Speaker - LF Driver - 2265HPL Differential Driver

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    2265HPL LF Driver
    2265HPL LF Speaker paper cone
    2265HPL neodymium speaker Terminals
    2265HPL speaker woofer
    2265 Driver spider
    2265HPL dual voice coil
    2265HPL neodymium speaker recone kits
    2265HPL Wool fibers paper cone
    2265HPL differential drive voice coil
    2265HPL dual voice coil
    2265HPL differential Drive woofer spider
    2265HPL woofer spider
    2265HPL speaker woofer package
    2265HPL 2pcs woofer packed in one case
    2265HPL LF driver foam
    2265HPL speaker foam protection
    2265HPL woofer speaker package
    2265HPL differential drive finished package
    2265HPL low frequency in speaker cabinet
    2265HPL LF woofer in monitor
    2265HPL speaker driver unit in loudspeaker
    2265HPL woofer speaker in line array
    2265HPL speaker in loudspeaker
    2265HPL woofer in dual 15 inch professional speaker cabinet


    Customers feedback about our neodymium magnet woofer driver unit.

    This client purchased our 2262HPL 12 inch woofer speaker in June, 2016.He was happy with our woofer speaker quality and gave us second soon.

    The following customer ordered our 2265HPL 15 inch neodymium speaker driver in 2014.Our 2265HPL neo woofer matches his sound box well and sound good.

    Our 2265 15 inch neo magnetic woofer speaker driver unit was proved to be excellent quality.