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Skytone Audio | Development History

skytone audio Co Ltd, since its inception in April 2004, with the rapid rise of the strong momentum of development, has now become one of the most influential export distributors, Chinese professional audio industry. Now SKYTONE brand in China, Hong Kong, Macao, the first level of agency, as well as the only authorized legal production and designated maintenance agents. And it has become the import Motorola, Toshiba, Onsemi, ELNA in one of the largest distributors of audio accessories,. The company has a high level of professionalism and dedication of the staff, the company currently employs more than 200 people, the average age of 29 years, 80% have a college education, there are 71 countries all over the world, agents and 35 offices..

April 2004 - telling sound incorporated, the core business leaders began to look for market positioning, product R & D investment a large number of imported equipment.

August 2004 - a representative of the product VRX900 come out, and quickly into the beginning of the strong interpretation of the industry.

March 2005 - draw the leading figures in the industry, expand the scale of market expansion, the reform of the marketing system, two-way breakthrough in channels and engineering.

2006-2007 - focus on the use of high-end clubs, star hotels in the use of research, tailored products for customers.

May 2007 - the Ministry of engineering to introduce industry technical authority to strengthen the engineering process control, site design, site construction control.

July 2007 - the introduction of imported CNC equipment, improve product quality.

November 2007 - KTV project in Southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, indonesia...

2008 - began to participate in large-scale exhibitions: Frankfurt exhibition, Beijing exhibition, Guangzhou exhibition, and peer learning together.

2008 - the establishment of the national Nanjing, Quanzhou, Huaihua, Shanxi, Benxi and other 5 offices, and market zero distance contact.

2008 - began to study "system solutions", from the era of selling products

2009 - the introduction of ERP system management software, to achieve production, sale, sale, management standardization.

2009 - stage theme elements "TS, PK" series grand debut, showing off a new stage.

2009 - the establishment of the national after-sales service center, to monitor the quality of service of local offices, to achieve zero complaints.

2010 - Skytone held small product promotion meetings in provincial capitals, contacted customers closely and listened to the needs of local customers.

2010 - Established a large business office center, a new look to show the market.

2011 - Guangzhou Skytone audio Co. Ltd. has obtained the SGS international certification.

2012 - Skytone products successfully sold to India, Thailand, Vietnam, Serbia, Hawaii, Russia,Ukraine, and other countries.

2013 - Skytone products got EU CE certification, and developed new STX800 series professional stage speaker.

2014 - the day become the first introduced in Guangzhou of the United States imported polyurea spraying equipment enterprises, Tianyin master 5 seconds speed dry import environmental protection paint enterprises.

2015 - telling developed VERA new concept jet line array speaker system. To create the highest cost performance, the most powerful linear array sound system

2016 - telling and development of a variety of digital power amplifier such as the I-TECH series, SMART series, received a number of engineering companies and users of favor.

2017 - We developed VERA36, a dual 12 inch big line array loudspeaker, was highly praised by all clients.

2018 - Skytone developed 1U big power digital amplifier, which can work from 60V to 300V voltage stably, no longer to worr about the equipment damage caused by insufficient or excessive voltage.

2019 - Skytone developed dual 8 inch line array and dual 10 inch line array, and some more active/powered speaker under developing. Please look forward to it.....